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Whether you’re sitting at the top of the pro rankings or languishing at the bottom of your club’s singles ladder, you won’t win a single point without them. And even the most high-tech racquets are merely well-honed sticks of graphite without this essential product. Typical tennis players don’t give their strings the respect they deserve. Far too often, a player spends hours talking with professionals to pick a racquet, only to settle for putting in just any string. But a racquet can only play as well as the strings in it.
Emmo also specializes in Badminton racket stringing and WHILE YOU WAIT STRINGING!.

String Categoies
PLAYABILITY Junior players or a Mens or Womens Singles Player. Long points and many baseline rallies. This string may not last as long but feels very controllable. This would usually be a 15 or 16 gauge string, and of the average cost.
DURABILITY Serious tournament players, college or mens/womens 5.0 and above players would like this string choice. These are players that break strings every week or two. This string choice is not as comfortable but it does last longer. This string is a “pro-blend” type of string. And it is usually on the high-end price range.
COMFORT All court game style and most likely in the senior generation. This may also aide players with medical issues for example, tennis elbow. A comfort string is usually a multifiliment 17 gauge string that would be used by players that do not have a problem breaking strings. This is usually the most expensive string.
When should you restring your racket?
The simple rule of thumb is: how ever many times you play a week = how many times a year you should restring.

Another tool to help you decide to restring is if you can't control the ball and it starts to fly out or if the ball doesn't go anywhere and feels mushy.

For string-breakers-  To help your strings from breaking try using friction fighters and space them out every 3rd or 4th row.  If you break strings you can also try using string blending with a poly type string on the mains and a comfort string on the crosses.  It is not uncommon for string-breakers to break strings every 2 days or so. 

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