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Technifibre NRG 2

The top string for power.

As its name suggests, this is a powerhouse! Boosted to Elastyl, ultra elastic material, this string allows lightning acceleration.

TECHNOLOGY: Multifilaments
FIBER: Elastyl™
DIAMETER:1,24 mm/17
DIAMETER: 1,32 mm/16
PACK: Bobines de 200m
COLOURS: Naturel

Wilson NXT 16
Wilson NXT 16 Wilson NXT 16 combines Dupont Xycro Micro fibers with polyurethane resin and coating for optimal feel, comfort and playability. Wilson's best-selling premium performance string. Ideal choice for tennis elbow sufferers.
Gamma Livewire XP 16
Live Wire 16 XP features a bundled Live Wire core, surrounded by twisted Live Wire wraps and Zyex Monofilaments. A soft Pearl coating provides added comfort and durability. According to Gamma, Live Wire 16 XP offers "maximum power and control, superior durability and a crisp, solid feel.
Yonex 850 pro
Yonex 850 pro A crisp feeling multifilament with a special Spin coating. Offers a high level of playability and is a solid choice for players seeking a solid and crisp response from the stringbed. We have also found this string to offer exceptional control and ball feel as well as good access to spin.
Prince Synthetic Gut/dura 16
Prince Synthetic Gut 16 One of the world's most popular synthetic gut strings. Engineered with Duraflex for increased durability.

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