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Yonex Polytour Spin

Stretched under controlled temperature, YONEX strings deliver greater durability, reduced fatigue and consistent repulsion.

Giga Spin Structure is an evolutionary pentagon shaped string structure that generates greater and prolonged levels of spin. The NEW POLYTOUR SPIN delivers 14% greater spin performance which lasts longer when tested against conventional string.

Key Property:
Durability (Solid)
Material: Polyester (Monofilament)
Gauge: 16L (1.25mm)
Colour: Cobalt Blue
Advantage: Pentagon-shaped string grips ball with greater accuracy to produce stronger spin.

Technifibre Black Code

A real innovative product! Its black colour makes you feel confident and strong. Its soft feel helps to prevent arm strain! Structure to 5 faces (pentagon for intellectuals!) Helps you to impart more spin on the ball.

PROCESS: Thermocore
DIAMETER: 1,18 mm/18
DIAMETER: 1,24 mm/17
DIAMETER: 1,28 mm/16
DIAMETER: 1.32 mm/15L

Luxilon alu Rough 125
Luxilon alu Rough 125
The durable and control-oriented response of Luxilon ALU and other Luxilon co-polyester strings has revolutionized professional tennis. Luxilon is by far the most popular string choice on the ATP Tour. The co-polyester monofilament construction allows a player to take full cuts at the ball without any loss of control. Players with fast swing speeds also tend to find these strings very spin friendly. ALU Rough is textured to further enhance spin production. This string is used by many ATP professional players.
Prince Pro Blend 16
Prince Pro Blend 16
A maximum-durability hybrid string for unmatched tensile strength and a very firm feel. Recommended for frequent string breakers.
Wilson NXT Max 16
NXT Max 16, an updated version of Wilson's original best-selling premium performance string, combines Crystalinity Xycro Micro fibers (26% more) with 8% more polyurethane resin for improved comfort and playability. A multifilament, soft feeling string ideal for players suffering from tennis elbow.
Prince Topspin 15L
Prince Topspin 15L
Most popular textured string offering maximum spin, control and power. Triple twist contruction utilizes Duraflex for increased durability and consistency.
Prince Synthetic Gut/dura 16
Prince Synthetic Gut/dura 16
One of the world's most popular synthetic gut strings. Engineered with Duraflex for increased durability.

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