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Babolat VS Team 17
Babolat VS Team 17 Babolat's top of the line Natural Gut in a thin, spin responsive 17 gauge. Consistent winner of the USRSA String Survey for Playability. Used by top touring pros and players who demand ultimate feel and control. VS Natural Team Gut is constructed with a tighter gauge tolerance than any previous Babolat VS Natural Gut offering. Includes Thermogut Technology - a process of high temperature finishing that increases the cohesion of the fibers down to the core of the string.
Wilson NXT Tour 17
A new version of Wilson's original best-selling premium performance string, NXT Tour 17 combines Crystalinity Xycro Micro fibers (38% more) with polyurethane resin and coating for optimal feel, comfort and playability. A good choice for players suffering from tennis elbow.
Wilson NXT 17
Wilson NXT 17 combines Dupont Xycro Micro fibers with polyurethane resin and coating for optimal feel, comfort and playability in a thinner gauge string. Excellent choice for tennis elbow sufferers seeking a higher level of spin potential.
Gamma Livewire xp 17
Live Wire Technology exposes the polymeric materials in the string to "an advanced, super high energy, Gamma irradiation process. This process energizes the molecules and accelerates the cross linkage (bonding) between the molecules by more than 25% to create Live Wire monofibers.

This increased cross linkage provides greater dynamic resiliency and greater elasticity, compared to other synthetic materials." Live Wire 17 XP offers "Maximum power & control, superior durability and a crisp, solid feel in a thinner gauge."
Yonex 850
Yonex 850 A very soft feeling multifilament that is an excellent choice for those seeking comfort and a great way to soften up a stiff racquet. Players looking for a more forgiving response from a tight string pattern should also give this one a try. Offers a high level of playability and is a solid choice for players seeking plenty of feel and response from their stringbed.
Yonex Rexis 125 (16L)
Yonex Rexis 125

Improved power, repulsion, and durability with the innovative FRF production process & world’s first string with more flexible material FORTIMO(TM).

Material: Nylon (Multifilament)

Color: Off-White

Senior Players
Weekend Players
Disabled Players
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